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Jacy Miranda, Owner

Our Services Include:

- Conducting initial screenings for prospective intended parents and surrogate candidates
- Matching a gestational carrier (surrogate) with intended parents
- Conducting background checks for surrogates and intended parents
- Conducting home assessments for surrogates
- Full coordination and arrangement of initial medical appointments, legal matters and counseling sessions 
- Holding monthly support groups for surrogates
- Providing online support 24/7 for the surrogate via private web page
- Availability to attend any appointment as a companion and support 
- Labor, delivery and hospital support when available
- Physical, mental and emotional support
- Peace of mind knowing you are with an experienced agency that will be with you and support you through what will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Miracles in the Making is dedicated to making this experience enjoyable and stress-free for everyone. 
We will guide you on what can seem like a very confusing and difficult, yet incredibly rewarding path.  

For a complete list and further explanations of the services provided, please click on the Surrogates Page or the Intended Parents Page.